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Monday, December 08, 2014 11:31 AM | Brian Frederick

What a wonderful “job” this has been all these years.  What’s that old saying about “find a job you love and you'll never work a day in your life?”  Now that my time as executive director for the chapter is coming to a close, I can honestly agree with that saying.   I have loved working with you all through these years.

Many things have changed over so many years – technology, etc. – but what hasn’t changed is the reason for this chapter to exist and some of our products – a newsletter each month. One thing that has not changed is the need for someone to proof the newsletters I would create.  So I would be very remiss if I didn’t thank two ladies who have helped me out so much – Sue Larkin and Donna Hasbach.  For a couple of decades, Sue has proofed the chapter newsletter after I was through doing my thing with it; and then Donna has been proofing it also for about the last five years since leaving the board of directors.  A few times, typos have slipped through but believe me, those were on my head, not theirs!

In this position, my main contact is the chapter president. I appreciate so much the many presidents I have worked with, 23 in number (because some did it twice).  They have been a stellar group of individuals who worked hard to see that this organization provides to our chapter members those things that would help each and every one to grow and develop.  The members of the board of directors have proven to be hard working individuals who: cooperated and “played together” well in order to keep this chapter going in the right direction; helped our members have learning experiences and provided opportunities to meet people who could help them in some way; and to serve their clients and the consuming public to have their own financial success.

If you’re a numbers person, there have been 122 individuals on the board of directors and the reason there aren’t higher numbers is that so many of them have served more than one year.  Here’s how it breaks down on numbers: 

Michael Fischer – 13 years                  Dale Walters -10 years

Denise Reed - 10 years                          Sue Larkin - 9 years 

Darin Shebesta - 6 years                       And too many to list at 5 years!!!

Let’s not even go into how many chapter meetings there have  been, board meetings, executive committee meetings, Strategic Planning Meetings, and trips to Chapter Leadership Conferences held by by National FPA.  We’re talking BIG numbers…..but I’m NOT a numbers person.

I can’t say I will miss the actual work…….but I can say that I will miss having the opportunity to be with you on an ongoing basis.  I was informed that I can come to chapter meetings any time AT NO CHARGE……..so I’ll pop in occasionally to see if all of you are behaving yourselves!!

The many tokens of support, love and friendship from you all in various forms has been most appreciated as I’m ready to enter a new phase of life.  Your actions and who you are are part of the wonderful memories I take with me going forward.   

My love, appreciation and best wishes to you all,

Jo Lynne Hutchinson

of Greater Phoenix

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