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Monday, December 08, 2014 11:37 AM | Brian Frederick

Suzanne Muusers (Public Relations) wishes to thank her Public Relations Committee members in 2014 - Bud Heinz and Mike Konen.

Alex Carracedo (NexGen)wants to thank Darin Shebesta.

Lyle Capstick (Pro Bono)thanks the following volunteers who participated in our Pro Bono efforts in 2014:

Steve Johnson                                      Bruce Stiles

Rosemary Anders                                Darin Shebesta

Anita Nickerson                                   Lisbeth Weiss

Beverley Bowers                                   

Gary Croatt

Mary Zimmerman                               Michelle Buonincontri

Wayne Neill                                           Rachel Page

And, of course, Jo Lynne Hutchinson, who helped me maintain our objective of reserving these opportunities for FPA of Greater Phoenix.

Chris Hess (Partnership): Many thanks to:

- The wonderful partners of the FPA of Greater Phoenix
- Jo Lynne Hutchinson and the Board of Directors of the FPA of Greater Phoenix for helping coordinate partner benefits and build relationships
- Bob Eviston for volunteering to help on the Partnership Committee

Allan Small, Membership Director wishes to thank the following:  Dan Zaremba, Tim Nelson, Michael Larkin, Joe Vazquez, Alex Koury, Rey Martinez, and Michelle Buonincontri.

Gary Croatt, Public Awareness Director thanks the following for their assistance and participation at Financial Planning Day:  Natalie Romano, Jim Pavletich, Michelle Patel, Darin Shebesta, Blair Quaggan, Bud Heintz, Jan Pavletich and Jessica Peck Donnerstein.

Brian Frederick, Technology Director, wishes to thank the members who are making use of the Chapter's new Job Board as well as everyone for support and feedback during the website re-design.

President-Elect’s Thanks for 2014

-I want to thank our outgoing President, Jason Miller, for doing an exceptional job in steering the ship in a solid direction.  Jason - you are a consummate professional and I value you highly for who you are and what you contribute.  Thank you for providing a track for me to run on which is a solid foundation for success.

-I want to thank our outgoing NexGen Director, Alex Carracedo, for carrying the torch for the next generation of financial planners and helping me transition out of that role to the overall chapter.  Alex - you have kept the fire lit for the up and coming planners in the Valley and I'm grateful for your contribution.

-I want to acknowledge our Chair, Beverly Bowers, for her past presidential guidance on various matters and for having a heart of gold for all those she interacts with.

-I am grateful for our outgoing Secretary/Treasurer, Kathleen Murray, for taking on double duty with minutes and financials for all these years.  I appreciate your commitment to the profession.

-I want to thank Chris Hess for his work for Partnership in securing and sustaining the organizations that invest in our chapter's success.

-I am appreciative of our Membership Director, Allan Small, for being a champion for the organization by recruiting and retaining members to expand the presence of the FPA in the Valley.

-I thank Lyle Capstick, our Pro Bono director, for his work in speaking to various organizations on financial topics and bringing literacy to the public.

-I am so grateful for Suzanne Muusers, our Public Relations Director, for the many years of service in promoting our organization in the community using the media.  Suzanne,  you are so critical to what we do and we will miss your contribution at the board level.

-I want to thank our Lifelong Learning Director, Robyn Gerke, for her contribution in bringing high quality speakers to our chapter.  Robyn - you are the quintessential professional and we are honored to have you on the team.

-I am grateful for our outgoing Advocacy Director and incoming President Elect, Marcus Johnson.  Marcus - you have the perfect background to bring government relations to the chapter level and are also ideally suited to lead this chapter in the near future.

-I want to thank Brian Frederick, our Technology Director, for getting us up-to-speed from a technology standpoint.  You get what needs to be done to have the chapter be more efficient and you are invaluable in contributing to the board from a high level perspective.  I am happy to have you as part of our board.

-I want to thank all of those who assisted at Financial Planning Day to provide pro-bono advice to the general public as well as the speakers including Natalie Romano and Jim Pavletich.  I appreciate Gary Croatt for leading the charge in coordinating this day to make it happen. 

Gary has served tirelessly over the years and he will be missed moving forward.

-Words cannot describe the contribution Jo Lynne has made to our chapter.  I appreciate you more than words can say.  You have left one heck of a legacy in our chapter.

Darin Shebesta CFP®


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