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Develop Great Relationships!

Our chapter meetings, major events, and committee operations purposefully carve out a place and a way for you to be present and build successful relationships in our market.

While it is up to you to take full advantage of these opportunities, whatever we can do to facilitate your ability to do so is fair game to request.

We provide easily $2,400 in registration value alone through 6 Relationship building cornerstones.

Meeting Attendance (up to 3)

FPA of Greater Phoenix hosts quarterly Super CE continuing education meetings, and varied monthly membership events*. 

Current Lifelong Learning committee plans for the future both add new events to the calendar, but also call for quarterly super meetings starting in the Fall of 2016.

At guest pricing, the fair market value of this option is $900.

* We plan experiential field trips, collaborative learning opportunities, community or advocacy options, and/or neighborhood social events.  Partners are welcome to any/all chapter events.

Meeting Display Table

At educational membership events*, space permitting, chapter partners are welcome to request a display table for their collateral materials, or request that staff place their collateral material on a designated master partner collateral display area.

To request your display area, e-mail admin@FPAofPhoenix.org.

This option is only available to annual chapter partners.

* does not include field trip or neighborhood social options

Committee Shirtsleeves Welcome

At educational membership events*  committee chairs and members are encouraged to hold "shirtsleeves" discussions in the 30 minutes preceding our formal welcome and meeting inception.

Anyone interested in hearing what is under consideration and wanting to offer input is encouraged to join the shirtsleeves conversation.

Participation in the Partnership or Lifelong Learning discussions by our partners is encouraged.

* does not include field trip or neighborhood social options

Symposium Attendance (2)

Symposium (generally the 4th Wednesday in September), brings national thought leaders and cutting edge research or practice management information to our state.

A full day conference marketed to our chapter members and contact list (currently exceeding 1500 financial professionals), as well to an extended group of allied professional organization members.  

Symposium incorporates top talent from nationally respected presenters around a specific theme, and generally draws the largest meeting attendance of our year.

At guest pricing, the fair market value of this option is at least $300.

Symposium Expo Display and Passport

Partners attending symposium may host an exhibit area.  The symposium schedule purposefully allocates ample break time during the day for attendees to meet and greet our partners.

The Passport to Prizes provides additional encouragement for each attendee to warmly greet all partner representatives, and the chapter event budget ensures at least one major grand prize in the passport drawing.  Attending Partners are encouraged to add gift incentives into the master drawing.

As all partners will have access to the contact information for every member in attendance, separate giveaways provide little additional information, and work against the creation of the strongest possible Passport incentive to meet and greet you personally.

From our market research, we place an estimated value of $1200 on this option.

On Line Membership Directory Inclusion and Access

FPA of Greater Phoenix supports an active and current online membership directory through our website.

Annual chapter partners are considered a special category of chapter membership, allowing up to 2 Partner representatives to complete a profile in the directory, and to have 24/7 access to contact information, with the proviso that our Privacy Policy and Website Terms of Use are strictly adhered to. 

Our intention is to support your building healthy relationships in our market.  Mass solicitations are not only discouraged by the chapter, but will ultimately thwart members' warm reception to a door being opened through the board and chapter leadership.

This is a sample of the search and display area from our online membership directory.  

Enroll as a Partner and add your Profile data today!

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