FPA of Greater Phoenix All Day Symposium 2017

  • Wednesday, September 27, 2017
  • 7:15 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Desert Willow Conference Center, 4340 E Cotton Center Blvd, Phoenix, AZ 85040


  • Members who register during May pay $125, a $65 savings from full fee.
  • Members who register during Jun and July pay $145, a savings of $45 from full day fees.
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  • From Sept 16th through Sept 24th
  • Welcome!
  • Welcome!

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For Details, keep reading (below) or click here for an 8 minute video review of this years' event.

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Who benefits from attending?

Professionals with a seat at the Financial Planning table.

CFP(R) Professionals

Non CFP(R) professionals who actively deliver Financial Planning

CFA charterholders and investment management professionals

Accounting and Appraisal professionals

Charitable Gift Planning professionals

Legal Professionals in the following practice areas:

  • Estate Planning
  • Pension and Employee Benefits planning
  • Domestic Relations (collaborative practice professionals in particular)
  • Corporate and Business Law
  • Succession and Business Transfers/Transitions
and associated service providers relevant to the Financial Planning Process.

For financial planners attending the EMoney summit on Sep 25-27,  consider purchasing a half day pass for $75.  Read the articles below and join us by 12:45 pm on 9/27 to participate in the collaborative team discussion, learn how to use Policy Making to support optimal client behavior over time, and bring back implementation ideas that you can employ starting the next day.

About the Theme: The Profession of Financial Planning

This conversation started in 1987, with an article by P Kemp Fain.  One Profession - One Designation.

In 1990, Dick Wagner added to the discourse with this article.  "To Think...Like a CFP"

In 2000, Elissa Buie continued the thread with this article.  "To Feel...Like a CFP"

Then the bar was raised again in 2009 with this article by Jeanne Robinson and Charles Hughes.  "To Act...Like a CFP"

By 2011, Yeske Buie made the argument for an academic home, and the value of research for the profession of financial planning with this article.  "To Learn...Like a CFP"

Don't have the time and curiosity to re-read them all?   Here's a Concise History - recently published in the Journal of Financial Planning.

How do the Presenters and Topics Support the Conversation?

How Will the General Public Recognize our Profession?

Elissa Buie kicks off our Arizona discussion with a refresher on the origins of the conversation, and tees up the big questions and challenges. What must our community successfully tackle to fully and finally establish what we do - Financial Planning - as a valued profession in the eyes of the general public.

Why all the emphasis on Academics and Research?

Is the information that the Journal of Financial Planning places in your mailbox monthly useful to you? Dr. David Yeske teaches us to read research papers like a Phd., and to pull out the pearls of evidence based wisdom that immediately apply to how we practice and make decisions and recommendations.  Here's an article on this discussion.

How do we connect this to our Planning Practice and Clients?

Great advice is meaningless if not well received and successfully implemented by our clients.  Next, Dr. John Grable connects evidence based financial advice with what we learned last year about Behavioral Finance - and reminds you how to connect learning to action and productive client behaviors. Grab your July 2017  Journal and finish reading his article relevant to this topic.

How do we get better at appropriately connecting to each other and working effectively as a part of a multi-disciplinary professional team?

Over lunch, we will dissect and discuss what changes are required of our own behaviors to effect truly collaborative practice among legal, accounting, and financial professionals.  This is harder than you think.

How can this information be applied to create better client relationships for you and more success for your clients in financing the life they want to live?

Following lunch, for those professionals not taking their Ethics course credits, Dr. Yeske explains how using Policy Making practices - derived directly from your client's personal financial objectives - supports their buy in to their own behavioral shifts with consistency over time.  Want a head start?

What Next?

The last hour of our day is about implementing what has been learned, cementing A'Ha moments in your memory, and identifying what the chapter and our community can do next to move the Profession of Financial Planning forward in the year ahead.    Let's put the Planning into Financial Planning Practices!

Your voice in this conversation matters!  

Join us - be seen, be heard.

About our Presenters

Elissa Buie

Dr. David Yeske

Dr. John Grable

Dr. Yeske and Elissa Buie are contributing their honorarium to a student centric purpose - to be decided upon by our chapter. 

Dr. Grable is attending and presenting at a significantly reduced rate in order to help our chapter bring this conversation to your doorstep affordably and meaningfully.

Jim Schwartz, CFP(R), has contributed countless hours of time and leveraged his relationships and forward thinking skills to build this lineup for our benefit.

Jim has assembled talented professionals capable of leading an active discussion during our lunch time about how collaborative practices work and why you will benefit - and your clients will benefit - from learning how to approach truly collaborative planning in teams.

Attorney Fred Goldinov , an estate and tax planning specialist, has been studying collaborative client practice models for years, and has been putting his training into practice for decades.

David Rosenthal, CFP(R), CDFA(R), and his professional team, are actively building a collaborative business model practice within their financial planning firm.  They are learning and adopting best practices taught and adhered to by the International Association of Collaborative Professionals -specifically designed for Collaborative Divorce options, but applicable to Elder Law, Estate and Tax Planning, Business Succession Planning, and more.

Vicki Harris, CPA, Managing Partner with Hunter Hagan, will participate in showcasing situations where a bit of tax history and data can illuminate opportunities and pitfalls critical to identifying optimal solutions - always more likely to help in the planning stages than after the fact.


About our Partners and the Community Lounge

AdvisorNet Financial


BeachFleischman / Pinnacle Plan Design

FPA Lifelong Learning and Membership Teams


NexGen, Public Awareness and Pro Bono Teams


Reverse Mortgage Funding


Stardust Materials/Stardust Building Foundation



Vi at Silverstone

VIP Mortgage

Zia Trust

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