Lifelong Learning

Aim:  Provide programming relevant to CFP(R) professionals and our allied professionals, including opportunities to support Professional Development, Business Success, Community, and Advocacy efforts.

2016 Goals:  

1) Average attendance >= 25% of membership total

2)  Presenter and Topic Satisfaction avg rating >= 4.6 out of 5 point scale

3) Active committee >= 4


Aim:  Build and serve our financial community through the pather to membreshiDevelop and Deliver significant membership value relevant to our professional community's needs and wants.

2015 Goals:
1) Grow by 15% (target = 450)
2) Increase Membership Engagement
3) Leverage CFP Test Candidates
4) Active committee >=8


Aim:  Connect chapter professionals to mutually beneficial vendors and services in ways that fund chapter programs while providing authentic relationship building opportunities.

2015 Goals:
1) Revenue >= $40,000
2) More Diverse partnership group
3) Develop partner value reporting tools
4) Active committee >=4



Aim:  Specific to developing expertise and relationships with the media, support planning professionals as they learn to actively participate in the broad public conversation about the financial planning profession.  Utilize chapter PR assets to expand the market for recognizing and hiring CFP(R) professionals.

2015 Goals:
1) Build 1 more media relationship
2) Increase media trained by 10% to
3) Consistent Social Media postings and engagement
4) Develop Member "spotlight"
5) Committee >= 3


Aim:  Develop general public awareness of financial planning as a pillar critical to achieving a fulfilling life and promote the discipline of financial planning as an advanced profession and influential career path.

2015 Goals:
1) All board members complete media training
2) FP Day attendance >= 100
3) Develop accurate speakers list
4) Committee >= 3


Aim:  Extend financial planning assistance to the underserved in financial distress and instill sound financial literacy skills in our youth.

2015 Goals:
1) Increase community partnering organizations to 10
2) Develop solid presenters group of 8 or more
3) Committee >=4




Aim:  communicate important legislative and regulatory trends that may impact the financial planning profession to the FPA of Greater Phoenix board and chapter members.  We will be reaching out to state officials to raise awareness of the FPA in Arizona and ensure that our issues get heard.

2015 Goals:

Contact:  advocacy@fpaofphoenix.org

Aim: Provide technology infrastructure to support chapter programming and operations.

2015 Goals:
1) Fully utilize available technology, specifically Wild Apricot which is our main software package.
2) Digitize old chapter newsletters.
3) Committee >= 3

Contact: Technology@FPAofPhoenix.org

Professional Relations

Aim:  Add membership value and increase access to educational and business practice resources by seeking and developing organization to organization agreements with organizations whose vision, mission, values, and purposes are congruent with FPA of Greater Phoenix.

2015 Goals: Construct a model for evaluating potential organization to organization relationships and sample options for collaboration with them.  Successfully connect formally to at least two organizations.

Contact: obie_wise@yahoo.com



Aim:  Foster a strong community of the next generation of financial planners.

2015 Goals:

Host 6 events

Grow active committee members

Increase NexGen contact list

Convert qualified and ready NexGen contacts to Chapter Members

Contact: NexGen@FPAofPhoenix.org


Aim:  Keep Board members' focus on the Vision and Mission of the chapter, and support achievement of Chapter and Committee Goals.

2015 Goals:

1) Chapter membership of 450  - reached 405

2) Engaged membership (15% = 68)   Total number of chapter volunteers: 75

3) Increase Partnerships to >= $40,000  Sales = $39,000

4) Establish Ambassadors initiative  Completed in Feb 2016

5) Identify chapter Metrics that Matter  Completed in Oct 2015

6) Attendance and Program Quality minimums Metrics are set and processes are being created to promote greater attendance and event satisfaction levels.

Contact: President@FPAofPhoenix.org


If you are interested in getting more involved with the work of the chapter, but aren't ready to consider actively and regularly joining  a committee effort, consider taking on one of several specified roles at a chapter event.

Click here to see what roles you might play!

Introducing our Committees

Serving under the direction of a board member,
our chapter utilizes active committees
to accomplish our Vision and Mission.

To help our members connect to our committees,
we feature one committee monthly in Newsline

Engaging in the work of a committee not only directly strengthens your professional knowledge base and skills, but simultaneously supports your successful business practice.  You will
  • increase your professional network,
  • spotlight your visibility as a professional to other practitioners and our greater community, and
  • identify multiple opportunities for marketing, cross disciplinary connections, and leadership skills development. 
Every committee is seeking to increase the number of members actively engaged in their work. 

When you arrive at a chapter meeting, our committee chairs are rolling up their shirtsleeves from 2-2:30 pm.  These "shirtsleeves" sessions are the perfect time for all of our attending members to learn about some of the initiatives currently taking place, and offer their ideas and support in small, easy, "bite size" pieces. 

Roll up your shirtsleeves with us at our monthly chapter meetings!

If you are planning on attending a membership meeting, plan to arrive at 2pm and join any committee at work at any table.  Until  you find your passion, visit a different committee table every month... 

Have fun, meet new professionals, learn what the committees are doing, and offer your 2 cents.   It all adds up to an amazingly effective chapter!

Volunteer  Opportunities

As a volunteer-driven organization, the FPA of Greater Phoenix chapter is only as strong as its members. In addition to serving on a committee, there are several ways to become involved depending on your interests:
  • Financial Planning Day. Held on a Saturday morning in October, Financial Planning Day provides one-on-one financial counseling to member of the public as well as informative group presentations. Typically we partner with the CFP Board, The Foundation for Financial Planning, other local non-profits, and the city government of where we hold the event. For more information see the FP Day website.
  • Serve on the Board of Directors. There are currently 15 members on the Board of Directors who serve year long terms and are responsible for a certain subject matter area as well as general Chapter business. 
  • Contribute your own unique talent. One of the wonderful things about our chapter is the diversity of our membership. If you have a talent that you feel the group would benefit from, please let us know! Examples would be proofreading written materials or taking pictures at chapter events.

of Greater Phoenix

Vision:  The essential hub of our Financial Planning community.

Mission:  Connect CFP(R) and associated professionals to the resources they need and the people who need them.
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PO Box 4130, Scottsdale AZ 85261
Fx:  480-922-5283

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