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Current Working Plans

Strategic Priorities

Matt Benson, CFP(R)

Conference Call Monthly, 1st Friday at 9:30am

Aim: Develop trusted professional relationships with Legislators and Regulators. Position FPAGP as a proactive influencer and communicator regarding relevant financial planning issues. Connect local, regional and national volunteers and staff to a unified voice with agreed upon positions and messaging.

Murray Smith, CFP(R)

Conference Call Monthly, 3rd Thursday at 2:00 pm

Aim: Create and provide sufficient infrastructure, messaging and tools to effectively connect our stakeholders to each other and the chapter activities they most need and value.  Develop an over-arching brand strategy capable of enhancing the entire financial planning professional journey.

Lifelong Learning
James Schwartz, CFP(R)

Conference Call Monthly, 1st Thursday at 3:00 pm

Aim:  Develop a series of high quality chapter events relevant to CFP(R) and associated professionals. Support all 4 FPA membership value pillars: Professional Development, Business Success, Community and Advocacy. Provide meaningful opportunities to connect with each other and our greater community.

Evan Nuttal, CFP(R)

Conference Call Monthly: XXXX

Aim:  Support new or young financial planning professionals by successfully connecting them to the existing professional community and industry.

William Cerynik

Conference Call Monthly: 2nd Tuesday at 3:00 pm

Aim: Identify, develop and nurture Win Win Win relationships from a diverse set of industry stakeholders.  Shift mindsets toward investing in the chapter as a powerful force capable of raising the lake for all industry stakeholders in Arizona in the future.

Colleen Hallinan, CFP(R)

Conference Call Monthly: 4th Thursday at 3:00 pm

Aim: Understand what members and potential members most want and value from FPA locally and nationally. Seek options that fulfill value to as many identified wants as the chapter has the capacity to deliver well. Prioritize.

Pro Bono
Thomas Waite, CFP(R)

Conference Calls being planned

Aim: Extend 1:1 Personal Financial Planning from CFP(R) professionals into the greater community.  Appropriately and effectively connect our volunteers to citizens who can benefit from Pro Bono service by moving them toward sustainable financial freedom.

Professional Relations
Mike Glover, CFP(R)

Conference Calls being planned

Aim: Amplify our ability to connect to our broader professional community and our general public by building strong organization to organization relationships.  Filter and discern for each relationship the level of connection and expected outcomes.

Public Awareness
Alex Koury, CFP(R)

Conference Calls being planned

Aim:  Ignite general public awareness of the financial planning profession. Position the profession as a critical pillar of what is required to live a successful life.  Provide education to the general public on topics relevant to financial literacy.  Expand professional financial planners' communications skills.

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