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  • Quarterly SUPER CE: Nov Focus on Business Succession Planning

Quarterly SUPER CE: Nov Focus on Business Succession Planning

  • Thursday, November 16, 2017
  • 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM


  • Exit Planning Institute Members


Program Description:  

Obliquity and Business Owners:  A New Approach for Wealth Management

Successful business owners are essential creators of wealth in the US economy. As such they are highly prized clients for wealth management firms. Most often, however, the majority of the business owner’s wealth is tied up in their business. Many of these business owners are baby boomers on the verge of exiting their business.

The average wealth manager recognizes this . . . and leads with a strategy for “diversifying your asset base” and thus, completely misses the point and only creates resistance from the business owner.

We present a new approach for wealth management firms and advisors that puts the business owner truly at the center of the puzzle. Rather than taking a direct, technical expert approach, we suggest an oblique approach that focuses more on the holistic needs of the business owner. In so doing, advisors learn how to increase their AUM and gain new client leads.

Presenters:  Orange Kiwi Principals Andrew Taylor and Allie Taylor

Note:  The information delivered in this program is relevant both to our financial planners as small business owners planning their own practice succession or growth, and to their ability to bring on small business owners on as clients of their financial planning and wealth management firms.

Location: Sky Song, Scottsdale and McDowell Rd

Date and Time:  THURSDAY, Nov 16th,   2 – 6 pm with networking social from 5:15 -6 pm following CE program

CE Anticipated: up to 3.5 hours of CFP(R) CE; chapter will apply for 2 hours CE for AZ State Dept. of Ins.

Price: Members: $28, Non Members: $45, First time guests considering FPA membership: $15

First 25 registrants receive VIP status

Special Invitation to Exit Planning Institute members: join us at our FPA of GP member rates for this meeting!

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